See the picture of the beautiful model? Where is her smile? Would she be even more beautiful with a nice smile that showed beautiful teeth? Of course she would! Your smile says a lot about you. At St. Thomas Dental, we are so very grateful to be part of that. To help create your beautiful smile. A smile that exudes confidence. A smile that says, “Here I am, ready for anything!” As a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, I am part of a special group of dentists that are focused on the art and science of creating beautiful, healthy smiles. Whether it’s a straightforward filling on a back molar or something more complex like a full smile rehabilitation with porcelain veneers and dental implants, it doesn’t matter, I want the end result to be as natural and beautiful looking as possible. I want you to be happy and, as importantly, I want to be happy with the result. And I am very picky. With the latest materials and special techniques in dentistry, dental fillings in teeth can “disappear,” blending in with tooth color and tooth form so well it looks as if they were never placed in the tooth. Teeth can look as if they have no fillings at all. I love that. In the case of porcelain veneers, the newer materials let me create beautiful smiles with absolutely minimal reduction of teeth. As far as the existing fillings in your teeth, we can take those dark gray metal filings and refresh them with the latest and greatest materials dentistry has ever seen. The results are fantastic.

But beautiful dentistry at our office doesn’t stop there. At St. Thomas Dental we strive to make your entire experience with dental care beautiful. We have brought amazing technology together with amazing office staff. We are your dental office family. We are caring, kind, and attentive, consistently. From the moment you begin your first appointment, a dental care coordinator will be assigned to you to make sure your experience is indeed the best it can be. Your dental care coordinator will follow-up with you to make sure everything with your comprehensive dental care is going along as smoothly and comfortably as possible. Your dental care coordinator will be your advocate for beautiful dentistry.

The technology available today for dental care is nothing short of amazing. The new technology allows us to take a very different approach in your dental care. We can now prevent cavities from happening better than ever. In other words, at the earliest indication of the start of cavities we can seek to heal teeth, before the cavities get too big. We can heal teeth rather than needing to jump-in and fix them with dental fillings. But, when we do have to fix them, we can use what are called bioactive materials. These materials help rebuild teeth from the inside, making them stronger and healthier. Additionally, there are many other technologies we will use to make your care experience as comfortable as possible. For instance, gone is the classic high pitched shrill sound of the dental drill. That is a thing of the past. Todays’ modern technology helps the drill sound like a car made by Tesla. Just quiet. That’s beautiful.

We believe that dental care can be better than ever before. We believe your dental care experience can be beautiful. You will be part of our dental healthcare family. As part of our healthcare family, I promise we will take very good care of you. I promise we will listen to and sincerely address all your questions and concerns. St. Thomas Dental, “Dentistry Done Beautifully.”

Enrico Wensing DDS, PhD