We all want the good things in our life to last forever. Reality is, though, they don’t. It’s the same with our dental work. Our dental fillings and other work won’t last forever. Why is that?

Well, at the risk of sounding dramatic, the mouth is a hostile environment! Yes. We all subject our teeth to extremes in pressure and temperature every day. Hot coffee with cold ice cream for desert after grinding away at a tough steak over dinner. You get the picture. That’s a lot for teeth to take. Our teeth are under a lot of pressure when we eat and subjected to big swings in temperature. Then, add on all that extra clenching and grinding of teeth you do in traffic each day, and at stressful meetings, and when weight lifting at the gym, and simply clenching and grinding while you are dreaming during sleep – your teeth and gums are getting a work-out all day and all night! Oh, and don’t forget the habits of chewing on pencils, gum, on finger nails, opening packages with our teeth, and so on. Things we know we shouldn’t really be using our teeth to do, but do anyway. So, teeth and dental work will not last perfectly forever.

Plus, if our health changes, especially as we get older, the density of the supporting jaw bones can change and the teeth can begin to shift their position, making them even more susceptible to wear and tear. Day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year we want our biting and chewing to work perfectly.

That’s a lot to ask. But, luckily at St. Thomas Dental we are using state of the art dental materials, equipment, and techniques to provide you with the most durable dentistry possible. We want your dental work to last and last. We bring you the very best in dentistry, so that the work you get done is as durable as possible. We want the investment you make in your dental health to be a good one. We may ask for your help by wearing a nightguard, to stop biting your nails, and so on, but together we can help your beautiful dental work stay beautiful for a long, long time. Built to last. That’s durable dentistry. That’s available at St. Thomas Dental. Dentistry Done Beautifully.

Enrico Wensing DDS, PhD